Gov. Perry Recommends Wildscaping

In the September 2011 issue of Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine, Governor Rick Perry discusses the benefits of wildscaping:

“As we enjoy this land, we must remember our role as caretakers and stewards of Texas and preserve its beauty for generations to come. One way to economically meet this obligation is wildscaping, a landscaping technique that both preserves and celebrates our natural heritage.

Wildscaping incorporates plants indigenous to Texas into our landscaping designs, creating habitats for native birds, butterflies, honeybees and other wildlife, while reducing the amount of water necessary to maintain them, compared to a more traditional garden populated by non-native plants. The average Texas family can save 30 to 80 percent on water bills just by landscaping with plants that flourish in our climate.”

Take the first step towards your own wildscaping project by celebrating Texas Native Plant week from October 16-22. Use our Statewide Resources page to identify native plants and find the right suppliers. You can also use our Activities guide for other fun ideas.

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