Gulf Coast

For those of you along the beautiful Gulf Coast of Texas region, here are the events promoting Texas Native Plant Week. So many ways to learn about native plants and their impact on our biodiversity. Explore the world around you with nature walks and hikes. Play along with your children in their activities. Most of all, have fun!


NPSOT State Symposium in Corpus Christie, Texas

Thursday, October 17 – Sunday October 20, 2013

Holiday Inn – Emerald Beach in Corpus Chrisitie

South Texas – Beach to Brush Country

South Texas serves as the intersection point for the Brush Country, the Coastal Plains and Marshes, and the Gulf Beaches and includes unique habitats such as theTexas Sand Sheet. Symposium 2013 will provide an overview of the ecoregions and their evolution during historical times while also providing  an understanding of the effects of current stresses such as climate change, urban sprawl, invasive plants, and general habitat destruction. Ongoing efforts at habitat preservation and restoration will be examined along with some encouraging success stories. Because South Texas habitats continue to suffer under exceptional drought conditions, we will feature a review of water issues in the region. Finally, our diverse break-out session presentations will feature an array of topics ranging from the above themes to native plant gardening, sustainability, and other native plant related subjects.