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If you are like me, you find yourself given a task which seems simple at first and then you find yourself staring at the screen for that elusive creative moment to arrive.

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Promoting research, conservation and utilization of native plants and plant habitats of Texas through education, outreach, and example.

Resources for communication from our State NPSOT website.

How to Write a Press Release

Sample Press Release

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Editor’s Guide to the Official Newsletter

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Tools for Publishing a Newsletter

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Inspiring Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future.

“Tips for Working with the Media”

Photography Guidelines 

Event Suggestions for promoting Texas Native Plant Week

  • Donate adult and children’s books to a community library concerning native plants and wildlife habitats
  • Have a display at a community library promoting Texas Native Plant Week
  • Interview with a television station newscast, radio host, or garden show promoting the use of native plants and wildlife habitats
  • Write an article for a newspaper or newsletter promoting the importance of native plants and wildlife habitats
  • Give a nature walk tour explaining the relationship between native plants and habitats
  • Give a demonstration on collecting native trees, shrubs, grasses, and wildflower seeds
  • Promote programs such as Monarch Watch education on the importance of planting native milkweed
  • Create and certify a Monarch Waystation site
  • Sponsor a native plant sale with educational information to the public
  • Native plants and habitats photography contest in your community and display the photography in a public place
  • Encourage children to draw native plants and habitats and display their work in public places
  • Encourage your community members to certify as a Texas Parks & Wildlife Best of Texas Backyard Habitat
  • Encourage your schools to certify as a National Wildlife Federation Schoolyard Habitats
  • Encourage your community members to certify as a National Wildlife Federation Community Wildlife Habitat
  • Contact organizations such as Texas Master Naturalists and Texas Master Gardeners Associations encouraging the promotion of Texas Native Plant Week
  • Contact your local:
  •      County agents
  •      Future Farmers of America
  •      Boy Scouts
  •      Girl Scouts
  •      4 H Youth Development Programs
  •      Local beekeepers
  •      Environmental education groups
  •      Conservation groups
  • Encourage a local nursery to promote native plants and have informational booths promoting native plants and wildlife habitats
  • Have demonstration gardens of native trees, grasses, shrubs, and wildflowers in your community
  • Promote children’s activities such as seed balls, native seed starters, wildflower bingo, and most of all have fun and be creative

Logos for Texas Native Plant Week

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